Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of Canada's Report

The New Evangelization:
How it is being served by the Catholic charismatic Renewal

How is the Catholic Charismatic Renewal serving the new evangelization? This question was discussed at the April 2012 meeting of the National Service Committee (NSC), Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of Canada (CCRSC). As a move of the Holy Spirit in the Church, we are serving the new evangelization in many varied ways as developed in the sections below.

01. Prayer meetings are the best-known evangelistic event of the renewal. Through praise in song and vocal expressions of praise, prayer meetings lead people to open their hearts to the heart of God. Often people will have a personal encounter and experience of the Lord Jesus Christ during a time of praise and worship. Out of that experience they will have their faith activated and come alive in the active practice of their faith and in service to their local faith community.

02. The Life in the Spirit Seminars continue to be a basic evangelistic activity through which participants are led into the basic truths of our faith and brought into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and into a personal experience of the Holy Spirit - the baptism in the Holy Spirit or the effusion of the Holy Spirit. This experience changes lives in many positive ways and inspires the participants to continue to deepen their faith journey.

03. Holy Spirit Retreats for Catholic Parishes were developed to bring the benefits of the Life in the Spirit Seminars to parishioners who might not attend prayer meetings. These retreats are conducted with the oversight of the parish priest and his parish team with the support of an experienced coordinator who arranges for speakers for each of the talks. These retreats have had great effect in British Columbia, Ontario, and in many other provinces.

04. Holy Spirit Parish Missions are another way in which the renewal reaches out to fellow Catholics to share what we have experienced of our gracious loving God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Individuals are encouraged to continue in prayer, scripture, fellowship and the teaching of the Church as ways to keep growing in joyful expectant faith.

05. Masses and Services with healing prayer attract many people. For many people this may be the first encounter with the power of God bringing healing to spirit, soul and body, and having encountered the steadfast love of God they often go on to deepen their faith journey with Him.

06. Parish Missions lead by priests and deacons from the renewal expose people to teaching and to witness of the acts of the Holy Spirit in the lives of people today. This in turn helps develop expectant faith in the lives of the participants. Group exercises are helpful as the participants experience simple ways of praying with and ministering to others. In this way participants are empowered in their turn to serve others.

07. Conferences and Days of Renewal provide teaching on many important topics, as well as ministry and the opportunity to fellowship with other Catholics. These all help participants to grow in their faith and in active service in the Church.

08. The CCSO Bread of Life Renewal Centre evangelizes through the Bread of Life Magazine, Days of Renewal, and by providing solid teaching in the form of books, CD's and DVD's. Rev. Dr. Peter B Coughlin continues to provide clear direction to the various ministries of Bread of Life as well as ministry in masses with prayer for healing and contributing articles for the magazine.

09. The Kelowna Institute

10. Prayer breakfasts are a means of evangelizing.

11. Raising up an Army youth retreat

12. Women of Grace weekends

13. Men of Grace weekends

14. Healing ministry, including inner healing ministry is provided formally and informally by many groups and individuals in the renewal.

15. Unbound: Freedom in Christ is a calm, balanced approach to deliverance that arose out of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Neal and Janet Lozano, a lay Catholic couple, developed the methodology. They have been to Oakville, Ontario and other places in Canada to present the training and an Unbound Conference. The response and the results have been most positive. Numerous groups have taken the training and conference on DVD's

16. Spiritual Growth Seminars and Spiritual Growth Weekends are proving to be valuable in the ongoing growth of those who take part. They also challenge the facilitators and speakers in their personal spiritual growth and maturity.

17. Bible teaching: The Great Adventure has been successfully implemented in a number of areas. The Great Adventure is a Catholic Bible learning system that makes things simple by teaching the story (the narrative) of the Bible. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics have learned to read the bible through this system, which provides a solid foundation for all Scripture reading and study.

18. Couples for Christ

19. Public Stations of the Cross have been presented by the renewal in a number of cities.

20. 40 Days of Prayer also involves many members of the renewal as the March for Life rallies.

21. Food for Life is a Catholic television ministry that reaches many people across Canada and beyond. Food For Life is a weekly Catholic and Canadian television program founded on Matthew 6:33: "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you." The weekly telecast proclaims and teaches the Good News of Jesus Christ. Founded in 1984 by Fr. Bob MacDougall, (who ministered for many years with David Mainse and 100 Huntley Street) Food For Life is now hosted by Fr. Mark Goring and Kathy Ovcjak and features many regular contributors including Fr. Terry Donohue, Fr. Roger Vandenakker, Chris Keyes, and members of the Companions of the Cross. The program ministers to Catholics within their church traditions and culture, preaching the Gospel message using an easily understood "layman's" phraseology. Basic terminologies are explained and the program's focus is upon the Christian life from a biblical and Catholic perspective.

22. The Companions of the Cross are a Roman Catholic community of priests and seminarians based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our charism is Evangelization. The Companions of the Cross is a Society of Apostolic Life based in Ottawa, Ontario. It is a community of Roman Catholic priests, which is Eucharistic, Charismatic, Marian and Magisterial. It was founded by Father Robert Bedard and was approved in 2002 by Vatican City as a Society of Apostolic Life. The companions minister in various parishes in Canada and the USA and as university chaplains.

23. Servants of the Cross: Our Mission & Objective: We are a community of consecrated women called to spread the message of the Gospel through a dynamic evangelization. Akin in spirituality to the Companions of the Cross, we live this message in our everyday life as Fr. Bob Bedard, our Spiritual Father envisions. We stand on four pillars: being faithful to the Eucharist, being open to the Holy Spirit, being devoted to Our Lady, and being loyal to the Church's Magisterium. THE HEART OF OUR MISSION - EVANGELIZATION: What is Evangelization? The challenge of a dynamic evangelization is two-fold. First, it requires our decision to say 'yes' to being in relationship with Jesus. The second challenge flows from the first. When we say 'yes' the decision must be to commit daily to a relationship that is personal.

24. Abundant Life Seminars

25. Pentecost Vigils/Rallies

26. Houses/Centres of Prayer

27. Steubenville Atlantic

28. Books: Clergy and lay members of the renewal have authored many books that appeal to a cross section of Catholics and indeed to Christians of other denominations.

29. Spiritual Gifts Workshop: The Catherine of Siena Institute has developed a solidly Catholic approach to discern one's predominant spiritual gifts. This approach has been used in various settings: the renewal, in parishes, with deacons, with priests, with teachers, and in many other situations. The process tends to be very encouraging for those participating.

30. Compassion Ministry

31. Jesus in the City

32- Light the Fire

33. Schools of Prayer

34. Association of Christian Therapists (ACT)

35. A National Speakers' List

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