Let us Pray one another

CCRSO is happy to provide the opportunity for Catholics and non-Catholics alike to request the prayers of others for urgent or on-going needs.
Requests for Prayer are needs for other believers to pray and should not be prayers themselves, whether to God or the saints. You may also request prayers of Thanksgiving. Such posts may include a note of thanks to those who have prayed for your intention.
We ask especially that you respect the privacy of those for whom you are requesting prayer and not provide identifying details.(No Advertisement, last names, addresses, phone numbers, or place of employment....etc.)
Users of prayer requests should only post 500 characters per day. Multipliable post are not allowed
Things we will not pray over which include prayer chain notices (a superstitious practice), sermonettes on various topics, lobbying or commercial references tucked into prayer requests and the like.
Thank you for making our job easier by adhering to these guidelines. God bless.

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