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"How have you loved?"

"by His Most Reverend Frederick Joseph Colli, D.D."
Diocese of Thunder Bay

When people understand events clearly, we often say that they "see the big picture" Today's highlighted homily makes the point that the clearest view of the big picture will always include final judgment of God. Most Reverend Frederick Joseph Colli, D.D. began with a little picture of how we die and what is heaven.

He focused at the bigger picture. God has fixed a day in which He will judge us in righteousness through a Jesus Christ whom He has appointed. If God asked you how have you loved? What will be your answer? Bishop Frederick Joseph Colli explored a new perspective and refreshing point of view on what will be our precious answer?




Our Church

and You


Bishop Frederick J. Colli, D.D.
Diocese of Thunder Bay
Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario's Liaison to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Provice of Ontario, Canada


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