Formation Weekend

On the weekend of May 23-2014, people from every part of Ontario came together at Villa Loyola in Sudbury to be renewed, refreshed and restored in the Lord. It was a time of rejoicing, sharing, listening to the powerful Word of the Lord. This "Formation weekend" was facilitated by Father Ben St. Croix and Miriam Wright.

Miriam Wright

Father Ben St.Croix


Miriam Wright - is an Unbound Ministry Leader, Author, Speaker and Teacher. She has helped deliver Unbound Conferences around the world. She is studying for a Masters of Theology in Christian Ministry from the University of Steubenville. She is a Wife, Mom and Grandmother and she and her husband Bill are members of St. Patrick's Parish in Burlington.
Father Ben St.Croix From The Companions of the Cross. Father has had a number of ministry experiences, ranging from campus ministry to parish work, however, his passion is for evangelization and forming disciples for mission.

Listen to Miriam's first sharing on "Identity Crisis (Talk 1)

Father Ben shares his story and shares what we need to do to be fully alive walking with the Lord (Talk 2)

Miriam talks about Holy Boldness and the need to be set free of the power of the devil. (Talk 3)

Father Ben then talked about our Vision for the future - (Talk 4)





God still



God's Promises